Acqua di Stresa: all the essences of Lago Maggiore


Acqua di Stresa is a collection of sophisticated, contemporary fragrances that are inspired by the magic, exclusivity and authenticity of the territory of Stresa, on Lago Maggiore. It is precisely from the beauty of the typical plants and flowers of the gardens colouring this corner of Piedmont that the entrepreneurial idea of Giovanni Castelli and Andrea Patrucco’s, with a past in fashion followed by the decision to transform the passion for the world of the perfumery into a concrete project, came about. “Acqua di Stresa expresses the soul of those who created, wanted and valued it, but above all the genius loci, the spirit of the territory that the collection itself wants to celebrate” - say the co-owners of the brand.

Acqua di Stresa came about in 2002: the first fragrances, inspired by the typical plants and flowers of Lago Maggiore, such as lemons, olives, laurels, acidophils, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and magnolias, were followed over the years by new, increasingly innovative proposals conceived for an international public that is larger and more demanding every year and seeks the flair and quality of a product 100% made in Italy. Fifteen years after the launch and a careful restyling, today Acqua di Stresa is an established brand with a precise identity that places it in the shop windows of the most famous retailers the world over. The quality of the raw materials used and production chain are its source of greatest pride at international level. It is perhaps for this reason that many celebrities, from both Italy and abroad, have chosen Acqua di Stresa products.

The beginning of a partnership with Terre Borromeo and the production of a beauty line that is reminiscent of intoxicating atmosphere of the gardens of the Isole Borromee and the magic just above the water of the Castles of Cannero was also the natural and successful evolution of the bond with the territory. This exists in three fragrances: Aroma Reale, delicate and refined like the perfume of roses, Neroli Nobile, energising with its notes of citrus, and Blu Imperiale, the new essence, with its delicious, summery hints. In addition to being in the Terre Borromeo e-shop, these lines are also distributed around the bookshops located in the gardens and museum sites and in the Il Vicoli del Fornello shop on Isola Bella, together with the Acqua di Stresa Eau de Parfum collection that presents six fragrances: Osmanthus, Dianthus, Virens, Verbenis, Lotus and Roburis. Completing the Acqua di Stresa range are the home line, with diffusers to perfume your residence, office or large space, and the bathroom line including body lotion and shower gel enriched with camellia oil and available in the six essences of the Eau de parfum line.

To celebrate a number of personalities of worldwide renown who have loved Stresa and the perfumes of the lake, the Heritage limited edition eau de parfum, composed of four fragrances, has also been created: these are “The Queen”, dedicated to Queen Victoria, who visited Lago Maggiore in 1879; “Diamond Rain”, in homage to Alexandra Nikolaevna, Grand Duchess of Russia, who stayed at the Grand Hôtel des Iles Borromées in 1870. “Darkest Hour” draws inspiration from the figure of Winston Churchill, who spent his honeymoon in Baveno staying at the Hotel Lido Palace. Finally, “Macomber” is the essence celebrating Ernest Hemingway, who was a guest in Stresa at the Grand Hôtel des Iles Borromées during the First World War, as also indicated in his novel A Farewell to Arms, and a famous visitor to Palazzo Borromeo on Isola Bella.